Musical Duo from Central Canada. 1,000,000+ Streams across the net for hit track 'Use You'.

"We get a lot of messages online from different labels that never really go anywhere so we've always been skeptical and careful with who we sign our music with - Beige Records blew us away with what they did. Never did we think we could break a MILLION plays, let alone on one song! They used their connections and made it possible. I couldn't imagine where we would be without Beige. They gave us the insights we needed and got us the right contacts at the right time."

Great Job

Producer-Genius. 40k+ Streams on his first release through Beige in just over a month.

"I couldn't be happier with the results so far. I've only been with Beige Records for not even a month and I've already gotten more exposure than all of my other releases combined, in like 20 days. It sounds too good to be true, and idk how they do it. I'm gaining new REAL fans every single day. They obviously know what they're doing and I'll be a part of the Beige fam for life. Thanks again guys."

Rico Green

Rap-god. Caribbean vibe-legend with a flow unlike anything you've heard. New release: Run

"I've spent years mastering my craft, always releasing music and hoping for the best. My friends all said I sounded good and I was able to get a decent amount of plays online but the promo was always so expensive. I've worked mostly with Dalton & getting set up with Beige Records allowed me to just focus on music and not have to worry about getting it heard, they took care of all that. They heard something in my and were true to their word. Stoked to be a part of the label."

Space Boy

Melodic Master. Brand new Artist to Beige Records. First Release January 8th.

"I've always just made music for fun. It's been a dream to make it something more, something I still strive for. So far Beige Records has lined up some huge promo for my brand new release and I'm already getting a tonne of message and support on my other music before my first track has even dropped. Dalton & James have been true to their word the whole time and I'm looking forward to my first release."


Rap Prodigy, Brand new Beige Artist - First Release PAIN, out now everywhere.

"Yo I've just been rappin a few months and Beige hit me up QUICK haha idk how they found me but I'm happy they did. Going great so far, check out my new release PAIN live everywhere. Big things 2021 lets go just gettin started"