How It Works

If you're seeing this page that means you've been approved by Beige. First off congratulations and we look forward to having you join the family!
We hope this page will answer any remaining questions you may have on what the next steps are.

Once you've selected a plan and completed your order you will receive a private link to submit all of your future releases to. Remember you can cancel at any time and each plan grants you unlimited releases, design, and promotion!

For each release submission you make we will take care of the following:


First we will begin to set up the design for your release. Once design is completed it will be sent over to you for your approval. You also have the option of using your own cover art.


We will set up the distribution within two to three weeks of the design being complete. The release will be set up so that you receive payment directly to your  PayPal. Royalties generally start to come in 2-3 months after the release goes live, from then on they are paid out monthly on the last day of each month. Upon setting up the distribution we will also be copyrighting the music into your name. This means that any time your music is ever heard on YouTube, Spotify, Apple, SoundCloud etc.. you'll be getting paid!


Once the distribution has been locked in we will begin to set up the promotion for your release. This is when we send your music off to our promotional partners, which includes: Spotify, SoundCloud, Youtube, Instagram, Blogs, Radio, and Various Influencers within our network. We like to give ourselves two to three weeks of time pre-release to lock in as much promotion as we possibly can.


The music goes live and we get to work! Promotion starts and we're off to the races. Spotify Playlists and SoundCloud Reposts generally come into effect within the first week of the release going live.

Along our journey together we will be sending you our years of industry insights condensed into what we've found to be the most helpful - this is to help shape you into the Artist that major labels want to work with. We understand that we're not as big as Sony, or Universal - but our goal is to help you get there.


We look forward to having you on the team and we assure you this is just the beginning.

Welcome to Beige!