Weekend Soundtrack at Beige Records (Oct. 8)

1 minute read

Turkey day is coming up here in Canada. The fall colors are settling in and our day-to-day routines are slowing down as we get ready for winter. We're switching it up at Beige Records, exploring sounds that we are not familiar with, and showcasing new artists who add a different edge to our roster. We're excited to see what the next several months have in store, in the meantime here's your latest selection to get you through the long weekend...

HexBeats returns with 'TORASENSHI' and their signature crisp beats.

Knuckle Nate's 'Not Wit The Gang' sets the rapper apart from the pack.
Bela Chase brings an ethereal touch to the blog with 'Arcadian'.
Nuvo takes us back to those simpler days with 'Do U'.

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