Ghost delivers their soundtrack to the summer with 'Reborner' on Beige Records

1 minute read

There is one month left to go in this summer and Ghost's latest heat 'Reborner' is a much-needed reminder to make the most of these last sunshine-soaked days. The track gets going with a catchy guitar riff that is bound to get you out of that weekday slump. Progressing into a rolling bassline aimed at getting you moving, it doesn't take long for us to see what Ghost is cooking up here. Before we know it, we are humming along to a funky hook and subtle vocals in the backdrop -- keeping us mindful that Ghost is in fact a person with a great sound and not some dance floor destroying robot.

Ghost's latest release on Beige Records is a sound that we are excited to continue exploring. Stay tuned for more releases from Ghost and other disco-infused tunes. In the meantime, get yourself some (hard) ice tea and kick back as Ghost delivers the soundtrack to your summer.

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