Nuvo returns to Beige Records with 'Do U'

1 minute read

Beige Records

Nuvo’s ‘Do U’ explores romantic nostalgia in the artist’s latest single on Beige Records. The track is a noticeable departure away from Nuvo’s slow rap origins and offers a brief glimpse into a more vulnerable, softer side that is rarely seen. The rapper takes listeners back to the early stages of relationships; where at first everything feels simple, exciting, and new. The sultry vocals add a sense of ease and are characteristically carefree, giving us a welcome/painful reminder of what it was like discovering love with someone new. 

The lyricism and vocals carry the message across and paired with the deftly crafted r&b groove, ‘Do U’ is one of our favorite tracks to take things slow to. Nuvo effortlessly transitions from a grittier style of rap to delivering passion and soul with poise. With an ever-growing fan base, the Washington DC-based artist is beginning to branch out and experiment but is settling comfortably into his unique musicality.

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