Maxxx delivers a belter in "City 21" on Beige Records

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Techno on Beige Records

French-born, Swiss-based artist Maxxx drops an explosive track on Beige Records. Putting the arpeggiator into overdrive (who knew that was a thing?), Maxxx crafts an energetic rhythm that is sure to reverberate through dance floors worldwide. The thumping kick drum paired with cacophonous percussion only adds to the sense that this single was designed with the intent to plunge club goers into the sonic abyss that is techno.

The belter finally eases up around the 2:42 minute mark and begins to gradually descend into acid-house territory only for the kick drums to bring us back into a trance-like state. A deejay by trade, this is only Maxxx’s third release in his career but if future output matches the quality of “City 21” don’t be surprised to hear more of Maxxx’s work at your local rave cave.

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