LUCIFR's latest track on Beige Records is out to defy the norm

1 minute read

Palestinian-born LUCIFR delivers a sample-twisting belter in ‘Can’t Believe It’ on Beige Records. Weaving those iconic Trap high hats through drum arrangements constantly straddling between full and half-time, LUCIFR - real name Jeries Lawen - is no stranger to taking listeners on unconventional listening journeys. Layered over the drums and percussion, LUCIFR adds in their signature dash of mish-mashed samples that further add to the hype and fun.

Pigeonholing the Nazareth-based producer into one specific genre would be a mistake and it is that grey area between sounds where LUCIFR succeeds in bringing us his unique take on a genre that has evolved and branched out over time. We won’t know what LUCIFR is going to bring us next or what sound will be explored, but if previous tracks are anything to go by, we’re sure it will be fire.

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