LUCIFR does battle with 'Warrior' on Beige Records

1 minute read

The Nazareth based beatmaker returns to Beige Records with a bang in ‘Warrior’. Swords drawn and with a no holds barred approach, LUCIFR reintroduces us to his signature trap style. Layered over the heavy kicks and rolling snares is a dreamy sample loop that sounds as if it was snatched right out of a Hong Kong style martial arts flick. This is the perfect track to get your blood pumping before a workout and don’t be surprised if you have a sudden urge to throw a roundhouse kick out of nowhere (if so, please do so safely and direct it towards an empty space, not your boss...).

‘Warrior’ is by no means a sonic departure from the rest of LUCIFR's catalog but those familiar or new to his work will definately be bumping this in their playlists. The cutting edge design of his drums paired with the high energy, booming feel of his tracks is a testament to LUCIFR’s musical prowess. The producer has comfortably established himself as a trap mainstay on Beige Records and the wider scene.

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