HexBeats takes us a on quick trip to "Eden"

1 minute read

Hailing from the sun-kissed islands of Guadaloupe, HexBeats drops a fresh new single on Beige Records that is sure to turn heads. Disarming listeners at first with subtle keys layered over a dreamy sample loop, HexBeats is quick to snap us out of the temporal drift with his signature beats. Distorted kicks, high-attack snares, and rolling high hats coupled with a tight arrangement take us on a beat-making masterclass.

The beatmaker's latest track intends to hypnotize but not let you drift for too long. Unlike his debut Beige Records single "Up" and previous recordings, "Eden" is a fresh departure away from his characteristically upbeat, bouncing sound. Whether this is a new direction for the artist has yet to be seen, it nevertheless points to a versatility and no-fear approach to changing it up.

Keep that loop button on lock, sit back and relax, and keep your ears open for future releases from HexBeats.

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