CoolcutC takes us into the future with 'G Thing' on Beige Records

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CoolcutC takes Beige Records into the future

CoolcutC has given us a glimpse into what the future is going to look like with his latest track ‘G Thing’. The portal into tomorrow opens up with an angelic voice sample that fades away into a breakbeat drum set up and a rumbling bassline that is sure to shake the dancefloor. An array of deep, progressive chords follows shortly after, topping off an uptempo dance track that is aimed at delivering a captivating, futuristic nightclub experience. 

Hailing from the UK and having cut his teeth as a deejay in the local club circuit, CoolcutC is no stranger to managing the energy and atmosphere on a dancefloor. That experience shines through on ‘G Thing’ and it is apparent from the moment the breaks kick in that this track is meant for a jam-packed room of rave goers.

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